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DVI Cable Pricing

After getting my new Samsung Syncmaster, but using my old analog cable, I decided to “upgrade” to a DVI cable. When I looked online at Best Buy, this is what I found on Best Buy.

$60 sure sounded high, so I took a quick look on Amazon.com and found this.

There was actually a cheaper one on Amazon but I didn’t like one of the review comments that said it was DOA and decided to pay $6 more for what I’m hoping is better quality. With shipping, the total came out to only $20, which is still $40 cheaper than Best Buy. However, I had to wait 6 days to get it in the mail.

The cable is 10′ long, which is plenty long enough from my computer to my new monitor. There’s no noticeable difference between the analog image and the DVI digital image but I feel better about going digital.


  1. I have several of the Cables to Go cables and I have been happy with them. No problems, no fails, and solid quality. I was a little bit afraid of the brand, but they actually seem to be good. I've used the DVI cables, HDMI and also Cat 6, if I recall correctly.

  2. I also have Cables Unlimited. They are good too. I think they are all about the same price.