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Craftsteak in Vegas Review

Tom Colicchio from Top Chef owns Craft restaurants and he’s got a Craftsteak in Vegas so we decided to check it out. Located in the MGM, I had high hopes for this restaurant after the bad experience at BarMasa earlier in the week.

We decided to go for the gusto and order the Angus Beef Selection (Chef’s Angus Menu – $110) where the chef will pick 3 courses for you.

The meal started with warm fris salad which tasted just like breakfast in your mouth when the poached egg melted into the bacon. However, my favorite salad was the Persian cucumber salad, which was light and vinegary. This was the perfect prequel for the steaks.

Next, the main course. It wasn’t surprising that the Filet was cooked to perfection at this well known steak house, but the Porterhouse was not only perfectly prepared, but we were both surprised at the great seasoning as well.

Unlike at other outings, I made sure I had room for desert. Personally, I like very light desert so the Sorbet with fruit was perfect for my taste. However, for decadent pleasure, the Monkey bread with banana ice cream was to die for. The clever mix of monkey with banana just tops off the greatness of this dish.  If you just want to get great desert after your dinner, I highly recommend getting this desert.

It was a nice change to be completely satisfied with a great meal. Personally, this was too much food for me, but if you want to taste the different offerings here, let the chef decide for you and I’m betting that you will be as happy as I was. Be sure to make this place one of your stops in Vegas.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you liked this place. I haven't tried it yet, but I like Tom Colicchio on Top Chef, and would be disappointed if he had a crap restaurant. Every time we want to try it, we are with friends who balk at the price tag and end up going to Border Grill, which is just as expensive, but the costs are broken up in the menu, so it seems cheaper.