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Hollywood Park WSOP Satellite Fail

It’s that time again. It’s getting close to the WSOP main event for 2011 in July. Unfortunately for me, unlike last year, I have not won my way into the event. When I saw that Hollywood Park had a satellite tournament to win a main event seat, I decided to give it a try.

The way this works is, you have to win your table, called a shootout, then all the winners from the tables are combined and the ultimate winner is decided. You start with only 2,000 in chips and the levels are only 15 minutes so there’s no time to waste.

However, there was only 3 tables going and they told us that unless 10 tables are filled, a seat would not be awarded and the winner would only get $3,000. These guys need to advertise their tournaments a little more.

As it turned out, it didn’t matter for me because I didn’t make it past my table.

Update 6/25/2011:
Forgot to mention that if you use Foursquare on your phone, check-in to Hollywood Park and you will get a $10 matching bet coupon for Black Jack. I tried it and won $20 from my $10 + coupon, even though I don’t know the correct way to play the California version of Black Jack.