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TaskRabbit Your Tasks and Errands Away

Have you ever had an errand to run or task to do, but you knew that you didn’t have enough time to do it? If you don’t have a spouse or friend to do it for you, you end up not being able to fulfill your duties.

That’s where TaskRabbit comes to the rescue. They have fully vetted “taskers” that will bid on your task or errand and you can pick the lowest bidder or whichever one you prefer. I haven’t used the service yet but I love this idea. They have people that will do delivery, house chores, shopping, moving, and even skilled labor like construction and auto work.

On the flip side of the coin, if you have some free time, you can sign up to be a TaskRabbit and bid on tasks and errands that are posted on the service. Might be a good way to make some quick cash. Payment is done through the website so you know you will get paid for your service.