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Yabu Sushi Restaurant (West LA) Review

Yabu is a Mom and Pop styled small Japanese Restaurant on the West side on Pico Boulevard. There is no parking lot but valet parking is available for $2. This place is so small, you might easily drive past it if you’re not careful.

If you sit at the sushi bar, the first thing you will notice is that the sushi chefs are standing in a lower pit which makes them about the same height as the sitting customers, as shown below.

According to their website, Yabu makes their own soba noodles in-house. So I decided to order the Yabu Soba combination which comes with soba, tempura and sushi, as shown below.

Surprisingly, the soba was amazingly ordinary. In fact, it didn’t even make my top 10 list. Maybe I’ve gotten too used to pre-made soba and I don’t know what freshly made soba is supposed to taste like. At least the sushi was consistent with the soba and very forgettable. Don’t get me wrong. All the ingredients were fresh. Just nothing to write home about.

My friend got the Sushi combination shown above. As you can see, the selections are mediocre and so is the quality.

If you’re a big soba fan, you can simply skip this place. And according to their website, they have another branch in West Hollywood but I don’t think I need to check it out any time soon.

Yabu Restaurant
11820 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064