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Dee Dozier is “Ones to Watch” on WPT Season XI

Singer, song writer, actress and poker player Dee Dozier has been selected by the World Poker Tour as the “Ones to Watch” for Season XI. She is one of 3 females on the list of 8 players, which seems like there’s a larger number of females on the list than represented in the poker community. I guess that’s how they pump up their TV ratings.

Dee Dozier first came on the poker scene playing in the 2007 WSOP main event and appearing on ESPN. Hey, ESPN needs ratings too.

Recently, I was at her table at LAPC and Ms. Dozier genuinely seems to enjoy playing and is very talkative, even during hands that she is involved in. This is unusual for amateur players as many are afraid they will give away tells. She seems like a likeable character and is very opinionated and fun to talk to. If you’re ever at her table, have fun and talk to her.