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August Smart Lock Taking Reservations

As news comes that my Lockitron will be shipped in July, yet another “smart lock” has entered the market. This one is called August and is smaller and looks sexier and will start shipping for $199 later this year.

Unlike the Lockitron which fits over the existing lock, August will replace the inside portion of the lock, and leave the rest of the lock alone. This allows the unit to be smaller but requires a little more work to install.

Like the Lockitron, when you walk up with your iPhone, your smart lock will automatically unlock the door for keyless entry via Bluetooth 4.0. Note that older smart phones do not support Bluetooth 4.0 so if your friends have old phones, they won’t be able to use the feature. Lockitron works even with text message so any phone that can send text messages will work.

Of course, like the Lockitron, you can always use a real key if you have to.

The big difference is that this unit does not connect via Wifi, which has pros and cons. By only using Bluetooth and direct connection, power outrages, Internet connection problems and WiFi distances does not matter. However, you cannot remotely unlock the lock via the Internet. If the person you want to allow in has a smart phone that is compatible, you can invite them to download the app and eventually, they will be able to get in.

But you probably don’t want to require that for everybody and certainly would take more time to let people in remotely.

For people who would like to use a smart lock where they don’t have WiFi connections, this would be a great alternative. Although the design looks beautiful, I’m not completely sold on the non-WiFi design.

In any case, I’ve put myself on the waiting list. There’s about 5,000 people ahead of me though.