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How to Contact FreedomPop’s Support Quickly

As with many other websites, FreedomPop’s support makes you go through some hoops before you get to send them your question on their website.

First, I will show you the way you do it the normal way, then I’ll show you the shortcut. Why not just show the shortcut first? That would be like my friend telling me that Bruce Willis is dead the whole time in The Sixth Sense. Not cool.

But I digress.

Go to the FreedomPop.com website, then scroll all the way to the bottom, where you will see the “Contact Us” link on the right side.


Next, you will be taken to the Support Wizard page where you can search for answers. If you don’t feel like searching, just click on the link at the bottom that says, “Didn’t find what you were looking for?”


Strangely, if you are logged into your FreedomPop account, you will get even more questions before you get the contact form. You would think it would be the opposite, but eventually you will see the form below. Or to get there faster, log out of your FreedomPop account.


Fill out the form, then hit send and within 24-72 hours, you will get a reply in your email inbox.

Alternatively, you can tweet them a message on twitter @freedompophelp and they will reply very quickly but sometimes with no useful information. So take your pick: Twitter [Quick but less info] or Website [Slow with more info]
If you don’t feel like screwing around clicking, make sure you’re logged out of your FreedomPop account, then simply go to:


  1. I would like to know about witless internet how long it take to get the modem sent to me how much it cost how much the internet cost a month and does your internet slow down by the middle of the month I do some video or movie how much is start up need on the go modem please respond 9407812947 thanks

  2. Freedompop MIFI is a piece of shit I heard this but tried to get the good deal anyway. I thought I could overcome all the negative feedback with my technical expertise. Everything everyone says is true. The support is useless and wastes your time, they BS, tell you they are sending a document to resolve the issue then never send it. Avg hold time is 30 minutes before you can even speak to a phillipino man, and then you go on hold for another 30 to speak with technical support, you get sales first. Then the tech spends 5 minutes talking/sugarcoating every sentence before he eventually tells you to restart the device. Probably wasted 4 hours on this project and gave up. Spent about two hours with phone support, my advice is to close their call center as they are 100% useless, disregard what I say everytime, put me on hold and come back with useless suggestions. Was just hungup on now after 40 minutes of being on hold. A WASTE!!!

    • I got quicker response from their Twitter account. Once they follow you, you can direct message them and get “real” answers. Sometimes it takes a day to get an answer but at least it gives you real information.

  3. Freedompop is garbage.They went in my account and bought another phone without my consent and have horrible service.Then sent it to me after I canceled there services.They made me pay to send it back.If y’all wanna sue contact me.

  4. I bought a netgear zing hotspot on a special deal that said I was getting a trail offer with 10 GB data I didn’t even get to use 3 or 4 GB before I was cut off.I had to add money to my account I did an was still having problems I contacted via phn call an went thru about half hr on phn I upgraded my account had 12$ an some odd change they took another $15 off my card an I still can’t get on line so out of 2mnths of being with them I’ve spent around $75 to be connected an have only got to be that way for about 1 week total.pretty spendy for 100% free internet wouldn’t you say.I’m not paying a $35 restocking fee on sending it back either even tho from day one the hotspot was not functioning rite it said there’s no battery there is a battery in it an every now an then it does say so.I have used over 30 mb an that’s just from turning in the thing on.I’m not happy when I asked about all the data I was promised an never got for promotional deal they never addressed why I would be confused on what I ordered..I think I’ll just go to my cell phn company an up my data on my cell phn it works just as good if not better an has got to be cheaper than $70-$80 .my advice don’t do it as far as freedom pop sign up

  5. Very confusingly frustrating spent over$70-$80 on hotspot an service an they continue to take money off my card even though I got an email saying my service has been deactivated due to unseen issue. I wouldn’t recommend this company if your trying to save$ .an if you try to send something back cause its not working there is a $35 restocking fee 100% free?? Internet? 100% bs!!!

  6. Don’t sign up for freedom pop it is not 100% free internet its 100% crap!!

  7. I had purchased one freedom pop sim for 1$ and now and I don’t know why this company has taken -21.98 on 3/6/17 and -23.98 which is -45.66 in my account and im in the negative. I want to cancel with your company and be refunded back to my account. Because of false advertisement, and I am willing to sue your company on taking my money bcuz I was under the impression I was only supposed to pay a dollar. So please put my money back in my account bcuz im on a fixed income and I would never recommend your services to anyone. If not back in my account I will post to social media to let the world know of false advertisement and how your company steals money out of individuals account. So im asking for your company to be wise because I am willing to do what ever it takes to get my money back

  8. I need a lot of help also. I need to know if they are allowed to take money out of my account on the day that’s supposed to be my due date for the service plan I signed up for? Bcuz I still can’t make out going calls from the phone I got with deal. I can’t reach anyone. I’m on SSDI & EVERYTIME I try to figure out what’s happening they charge my account for things like trying to get info. Seriously I had to download an app to be able to reach real people when there’s a problem. And boom! $5.99 out of my account. I need to stop this from happening. I just want out. I’ll send the phone back. I don’t even care about the money that’s already been taken. I just want out! Freedom Pop has made me appreciate Metro Pcs a lot more…

    • I’ve been seeing more and more similar complaints about FreedomPop and it seems like their normal mode is to try to “accidentally” charge you for stuff and you have to try to get your money back. Better to not deal with these people unless they change their ways.

  9. where is my order?

  10. is my order been shipped?

  11. I need to talk to someone about how can I get my money back ,I really don’t needs this but I see that you took $93 dollar and that’s all I have in my account. My number is (202)889-1449 can someone get back to me about that.I never set it up and I don’t want to.