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“Tile” Helps Located Your Lost Items

Have you ever lost your keys and wish there was an easy way to find it? Well Reveal Labs has used crowdfunding to jump start their “Tile” gadget which will help located anything that you stick their Tile onto.

Unfortunately for Android users, because Bluetooth 4.0 is only available on newer iOS running devices, for now, this gadget is not Android compatible. Hopefully, Google will get on this soon so more products like this can work on Android devices.


Aside from making noise so you can find it, you can also use your phone to help direct you to the Tile. If it’s lost or stolen, you can set the Tile for that mode and anybody with the app will help locate your Tile when they get to within 50-150 feet of your Tile. It sounds good on paper but unless you have your Tile hidden inside your laptop, the first thing a thief will do is rip your Tile right off and throw it in the garbage. This is the exact reason why they hide the location of your Lojack device in the car.

The Tile costs $24.95 for one (lower prices per Tile for bundles) and will be available in the late 2013, early 2014 timeframe. You can pre-order it right now from their website.

One thing that will deter me from getting one is that the internal battery only lasts one year and cannot be replaced so you have to get a new one and send the old one to be recycled. So basically it costs $25 per year like a subscription for each Tile you get.

You can watch their commercial below: