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SmartThings Connects Everything to Smartphone

In my non-ending quest to connect my life to my WiFi, I found SmartThings, which does just that. Basically, you can mix and match different sensors and controllers that all connect to a main SmartThings Hub, which connects to your WiFi, and therefore your Smartphone.

You can purchase each component separately, or buy “kits” that have them bundled to save a few bucks. There are motion detectors, keychain sensors, moisture sensors, temperature sensors, light switch replacements, and electric appliance power control.


Since this product is Z-Wave compatible, you can connect other Z-Wave compatible devices that are supported to the Smartthings hub and control it with your Smartphone. Some of these Z-Wave devices include GE’s light switch/dimmer, FortrezZ alarm, and electric door locks from Schlage and Kwikset.

So basically, you can know if your kids or dogs are where they are supposed to be, unlock your door when you get home, turn on the lights or alarms when motion is detected, and be alerted when there is a flood in your basement.

Now all I need is a robot with a built in taser and AI to clean and protect my home.

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  1. Nice article! It also supports ZigBee Home Automation.

    You should come hangout at build.smartthings.com!