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Auto Follow Drone By AirDog

There seems to be a lot of quad prop drones coming on the market and AirDog has launched yet another one on Kickstarter for $1,195. For that price, you have to buy your own GoPro that mounts on the gimbal on the quad prop AirDog drone but it also comes with an “AirLeash,” which is an electronic waterproof device that you wear on your wrist. There are other Kickstarter drones on the way that uses smartphones, but the AirLeash tells AirDog where you are wirelessly and AirDog will fly in one of the pre-programmed patterns up to 1000 feet away instead of 50 feet or so.

For more specialized flight programming, you can also do it from your iPhone or Android smartphone and AirDog claims the battery should last from 10-20 minutes and fly up to 40 mph, limited by software.

Aside from the great feature of not requiring a “pilot” to aim at the subject, it also folds down to a small size for easy transport. It looks like this is going to be the one to beat for action sports drones and I predict GoPro will buy these guys right after their IPO.