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Kimukatsu Restaurant Quick Review – Part 2

On my last trip here, I tried their signature Tonkatsu dish, which was excellent but somewhat expensive for Tonkatsu. Once again, I found myself in the Sawtelle area and in walking by, noticed they had a new after 9pm menu. As you can see, there are some non-tonkatsu items with some more reasonable prices. Seems like a smart move. What the marketing reasoning behind only have it after 9pm is a mystery to me.

But I digress.


For this trip, I decided to try the Udon Set for $14 as shown below. Once thing to remember is that as explained in my last review of this place, the rice and tonkatsu are cooked specifically for you, after you order so it takes a while to get your food. As you can see, after a while of waiting, I got everything except the tonkatsu.


The Udon was nothing spectacular and the curry was certainly ordinary, but as before, the rice was very fluffy. It took so long for me to get the tonkatsu, I had finished my entire meal before it came to me so I had no rice to eat it with. Of course, it was piping hot because it was just cooked, but getting after so much time was not optimal for my enjoyment of the meal.

kimukatsu tonkatsu

Once again, the service was excellent, even though there was only one waiter. However, just so that you get an indication of the pricing here, the hot green tea is $3.50. Yes, with free refills. But at that price, I should be able to get a container of it to-go.

All in all, the food is great and I like their new after 9pm menu, but if they don’t expand their regular menu, it’s going to be rough sailing for them.

2121 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angels, CA 90025