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2014 WSOP Wrap Up & Rio Re-Review

As you may have noticed, I skipped the 2013 WSOP, but did manage to make it out for 2014. Unfortunately, I didn’t satty my way into the main event and didn’t cash in any of the smaller events. All in all, it was a very uneventful WSOP for me this year.

But I digress.

As in past years, I once again stayed at the Rio Hotel and Casino and unlike in 2012, I asked to be in the main tower because the newer tower is farther from the tournament area. However, I noticed that the main tower, which is much older, is now badly in need of a remodel. First off, some of the elevators were not working, and many of the buttons in the elevator were either not working, stuck, or the light was not working or some combination of the above.You can see an example of what I mean below.


On top of that, the room itself was looking like it really needed a big cleaning job. I know that the maids are not equipped to do heavy duty cleaning and can barely do light cleaning with the items they have on hand. As you can see below, the shower head looked like a glazed doughnut with the calcium deposits.


In fact, both faucets had the same “frosting” that looked really nasty. The one below is the one in the bathroom.


Even with my complaints about the cleanliness of the room, I would still recommend that players stay in the main tower during the WSOP because of the incredible convenience and advantage it gives the player. As before, I was able to go up to my room and use my own bathroom during the 20 minute break, instead of having to wait in the long lines. That alone was worth the price of the room. Of course, relaxing during the 90 minute dinner break in my room was just extra frosting on the doughnut.