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Find Your Car Kiosk at Santa Monica Mall Parking

It’s been a long time since I’ve been at the Santa Monica Place mall. Everything looked upscale, new, and expensive. One thing I noticed as soon as we parked was a kiosk with the sign “Find Your Car.” After having a great dinner at Zengo, I decided to try it out on our way back to the car. It asks you to enter your car’s license plate number. After doing so, it shows you pictures of possible matches of cars in the lot. Yes, pictures of cars closely matching your plate.

There were only 2 matches and the first one was our car. I touched that picture and it brings up a map of the parking structure showing where your car is in relation to where you are now. Amazing technology! But creepy as hell.

Only a few years ago, this would have been in a dystopian Sci-Fi movie warning the viewers about “Big Brother” ala 1984. Yet here it is as a free service in a parking lot of a mall. Wow.