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How To See Your Google History

Have you ever watched a crime related TV show where the detectives find incriminating searches on the perps laptop? It’s usually some google search about specific types of poison found in the victims body, or methods of blunt force trauma. And, did you wonder what they would find on your computer?

Well, wonder no more. Google has added a new “history” feature that allows you to see everything you’ve ever searched. As you can see below, it gives you some stats at the top and below that, you will see every single search you have done. You can individually select any search and delete it or delete everything. You can also download your history so that you can analyze it the way the NSA probably does everyday.

google history

For the most part, there was nothing surprising in there for me. However, in my top 5 clicks list, I have Myspace.com listed. Very interesting since I haven’t use Myspace for many years. I guess I used it so much back then that it still beats out my use of Facebook to this day. Try it out. You might find something interesting in there too.