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9to5 Seating Strata Office Chair Review

After many years of sitting in my old office chair, I finally got off my butt to find a new and better one. Unfortunately, after looking at office chairs at Office Depot, Staples and a few other office stores, I found nothing to my liking. In fact, they were all uncomfortable and worse that what I already had.

Not deterred, I kept searching and finally found a company called 9to5 Seating but it took a while to figure out where to go to actually see the chair in person. After a lot of searching, I found Trader Boys in West LA on Pico. They also had a bunch of other office chairs but the 9to5 was clearly the best.

But I digress.

As you can see below, the 9to5 Strata chair has a back support dial that changes the level of support. The optional arm rests can be adjusted to the perfect height.

The picture also shows the mesh fabric that is used on the back, which give you a firm but cool backing.

9to5 strata back

These controls below the seat (shown below) allow you to lock the back, or release it to lean back, and adjust the height of the seat. The way 9to5 has designed this chair, everything is adjustable and I often sit and work in it all day without any uncomfort. The seat is soft and thick but firm enough to allow for long tasks like blogging, programming and any general office work.

9to5 strata controls

You can find task chairs for a lot cheaper but if you spend a lot of time in a chair, this should be a no-brainer for you. I’ve had this task chair for over a year and loving every minute of comfortable seating it provides me.

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  1. There are different types of strata chairs. Strata chairs are quite famous these days. The Series ergonomic chair from 9 to 5. Some of the models like 1560Y2A8ST01 are Green guard certified. This particular multifunction task chair attributes arm height, back viewpoint, knee tilt, lumbar, seats height, tilt lock, in addition to tilt tension user handles.