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Redbox Sells Digital Codes For Download

You may already know that Redbox has automated kiosks at 7-11 and inside Ralphs where you can rent DVDs and Blu-Ray movies and games. It’s not as convenient as simply streaming from iTunes or any of the other services available, but it’s only $2 for Blu-Ray ($1.50 for DVD). What you may not know is that you can “buy” the digital codes that you need to “download” or stream digital versions of Disney movies. Since Disney will be leaving Netflix in 2018, it might be a good time to buy your kids favorite movie before it goes away.

To use this feature, click on “DVD & Blu-Ray,” then “Digital Codes At The Box” on the right (see below).

Next, you will see a list of Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm movies that are available for purchase (see below).

Select the movie you want and see the details as shown below. Click on “Buy Digital Code” on the right side. As you can see, it is $7.99.

Now comes the weird part. Because of legal reasons, you must physically go to the Redbox kiosk to pickup a piece of paper that has the digital code you need. Yes, you heard me correctly. It’s definitely not as convenient as simply getting the code on your computer. After you get the paper, it has the instructions you need to redeem your movie (see below).

Right now, you are saying, “Why the hell should I do this?” Well, as you can see below, on iTunes, the same movie download is $19.99. So you save $12 for going to the kiosk. Not worth a long drive but if you are going to 7-11 anyway, why not save money.

You may also want to know that Disney has made it known that they think Redbox is not allowed to do this. Of course, Redbox is coming back with the expected, “Yes we can.” It’s not clear how long this service will be available, so if you want to save a few bucks, you’d better get on it.

Update May 30, 2018:
Although not listed on their full list of “digital codes at the box,” if  you go directly to the “Last Jedi” page, there is a “Buy at the Box” button. When you click on it, there is an option to buy the digital code for $14.99. However, if you check Amazon or iTunes, you will find that they have lowered their price from $20 to $15 to match the Redbox pricing.