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Baseus Wireless Car Charger Review

Do you have a wireless charger at home for your smartphone but have to plug it into a cable in your car? If you answered yes, I might have a solution for you. However, read everything here carefully because this isn’t for everyone.

The solution I found is the Baseus wireless car charger, which is available from a lot of different places but Amazon has it for $29.99.

I totally lucked out and got it during a lightning deal for $16.39 and used my $10 Amazon gift card I got from using Samsung Pay which made the grand total just $6.39.

It comes with USB cable and a plastic clip to attach it to your vent. To make sure it will work with your vent, look at the ones shown below with the check mark. If you have a vent shown with the “X”, it won’t work.

It does not come with a car adapter, so if you don’t already have one, you can get one from Amazon. You can see it mounted on my vent below. When you place the phone on it, the weight pulls the side grips to come together automatically, holding it in place for charging.

If you have any type of cover, stickers, or those round handles on the back of your phone, the charger will not work. Basically, you have to have a naked phone.

Here comes more bad news. If you use your phone’s microphone while you drive, this charger will not work. I didn’t try it with a iPhone X but with the Samsung line, the microphone is a tiny hole on the bottom right side of the phone, which is blocked by the bottom of the holder.

If you use your bluetooth connection to your car’s microphone, then this may not a problem for you. When I answer a call, my car uses the car microphone but if I’m trying to use “OK Google” or some other voice function, the phone microphone is used and fails.

I got around this problem by shaving away the rubber in the spot where the microphone is located. See below (before left, after right).

Yes, my workmanship is pretty bad but it does work. You would think it would be uneven and cause it to tilt but it does not.

So to summarize, if you have a wireless charging smartphone (e.g. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7/8/9) and you don’t need to use the microphone on your phone while you drive, and your vent is one of the ones shown, be sure to check out this charger. I love the way you just drop it on the bottom and the side automatically grips your phone and start charging. No more fumbling with cables.