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Bird Two E-Scooters Version 2.0

For those people that thought that the e-scooters, like Bird, were sort of flimsy and fragile, meet the new Bird Two. As you can see, the neck is thicker and the bottom is much larger and heftier. Also, the new dual kickstand makes it almost impossible to tip over. In fact, I found it difficult to put the kickstand up for riding.

As you can see above, the display on the handlebar is larger and easier to see. Bird says the battery lasts longer and the e-scooter self reports to headquarters when things are broken.

As far as the ride, it accelerates much faster and almost feels dangerous, but I liked the excitement and I’m sure young riders will love it. To make this speed safer, the rear break will almost throw you off the scooter. It’s great.

All in all, I love this new Bird Two. It’s better in every way and I can’t wait for all their old ones are replaced with this one.