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Verizon Wireless Survey Fail

When I switched over to Sprint to get the Palm Pre from Verizon Wireless, the switch was painless and quick. In fact, I was surprised that Verizon didn’t try to get me to stay with some offer, like the way ...

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Alienware M17x Introduced at E3

Other than the hype over X-Box Natal and Sony’s motion detection device at E3, one other device came out a little more quietly. Dell’s Alienware has released their new laptop touted as “the most powerful 17″ gaming laptop in the ...

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Dell Studio 17 Blue Screen of Death

For the first time since switching over to Vista, I got a BSOD (Blue screen of death) on my brand new Dell Studio 17 after updating Vista via Microsoft.  Very nice.  After my great experience with the Dell customer support, ...

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Dell Customer Service Hell

As you know, I’ve had my love/hate relationship with HP and their horrible customer service.  Well, that honor has moved over to Dell. Oh, where do I start. After I bought my Dell Studio 17 at Best Buy, I called ...

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Dell Studio 17 – Full Review

My Toshiba Qosmio started to turn off by itself, apparently from overheating. Since I can’t have my computer turning off unexpectedly, I immediately went online to compare laptops. I didn’t want to spend $2k+ for a crazy fast game laptop, ...

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CNN Buys Top Twitter Account

After resisting for about a year from talking about Twitter, I finally have to say something. CNN “bought” the top Twitter account, which has 947,000 followers. The “sale” is not official because that violates Twitter’s terms of service, so the ...

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Coolmax CD-350 IDE Converter – Review

If you have some old IDE drives around but can’t access the data, you can get this Coolmax CD-350 converter from Coolmax (MSRP $33.99).  Amazon has it on sale for $22.73 at the time of this writing but their prices ...

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