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Best Buy Inventory System Fail – Part 2

The last time I complained about Best Buy, their website inventory system told me they had the item for pickup, then it turned out they didn’t, then they did. So when I needed a new large screen LCD HDTV, this ...

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Southwest Not Firefox Friendly

Recently, I was trying to make reservations on Southwest Airlines’ website using Firefox. For the life of me, I was not able to make it work. Yes, I’m using the current version of Firefox. Maybe that’s the problem. All I ...

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Buffalo TeraStation NAS Failure Recovery

So it’s been 3 years since I originally reviewed the Buffalo TeraStation NAS RAID drive I got. As you can see from the picture, the red light indicates a drive failure. The firmware automatically found the error and indicated the ...

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Mobigamedepot.com Opens

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a reduction of posts here. The reason for this has been that I’ve been working on Palm WebOS games and a corresponding website mobigamedepot.com. This new website will be the portal for ...

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Sexy Voki Speaking Character

While setting up my Google Voice account, I found a link to a website called Voki that has a text to speech app. This app can be used to create your voicemail greeting for Google Voice. They have a bunch ...

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Redbox Comes to LA

Although the original company was partly owned by McDonald’s, Coinstar bought them out and created redbox. It’s only very recently that they have put their new DVD rental machines (made by Flextronics – also manufactures Zune, Xbox 360) at Southern ...

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Verizon Wireless Survey Fail

When I switched over to Sprint to get the Palm Pre from Verizon Wireless, the switch was painless and quick. In fact, I was surprised that Verizon didn’t try to get me to stay with some offer, like the way ...

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Alienware M17x Introduced at E3

Other than the hype over X-Box Natal and Sony’s motion detection device at E3, one other device came out a little more quietly. Dell’s Alienware has released their new laptop touted as “the most powerful 17″ gaming laptop in the ...

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Dell Studio 17 Battery Life Test Results

Jared asked me for more information on the battery on my new Dell Studio 17.  Being the OCD Rain-man that I am, I decided to conduct some testing and document the result here for your reading pleasure. So to begin, ...

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