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Flexcar in the Wild

In a past blog entry, I mentioned seeing Steve Case’ Flexcar.com being advertised on the bus in Los Angeles. Well, now I’ve seen it actually in the wild in downtown Los Angeles in the parking structure at 333 Alameda.  At this location, there were 2 cars (Mini and Toyota?) and some signs promoting the service.  In Los Angeles, it’s $5 per hour to use these cars, and that includes insurance.  Not a bad deal for students who need to use a car for a couple of hours.

One thing I didn’t realize before was that the cars have a prominent logo on the doors, so if you’re a college student wanting to trick some girl into thinking you have a car, foget it.

On the window of the Mini, there was an ID number and some type of electronic device that looked very interesting.  It seems to indicate that there’s some type of wireless remote device to activate the car.  Maybe all members have one and it’s somehow matched with the ID number via the website.

You can click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version of the pictures.