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Bush TV Stand

Bush TV Stand Peels – Fail

Back when I bought the Vizio LCD HDTV, I also purchased the Bush TV stand at Best Buy (SKU 8318144) for about $180 (shown above).  It was fairly easy to put together myself, attractive, and most importantly, the price was right for my budget.

That was in February.  Everything has been great up until recently.  But now, if you look at the close-up view of the front left of the stand, you’ll see that the fake wood covering whatever material is inside has started to peel off.

Bush TV stand close-up

Bush TV stand close-up

If it peeled off from the left edge, it wouldn’t be very hard to glue it back together.  But unfortunately, it’s peeling from the middle out.  Either the entire table top is flexing, or stretching, causing this strange problem.  Of course, I could probably send it back to the manufacturer, but what a pain in the butt that would be.  For one thing, I don’t have the original box.  But even if I did, I’d have to take the entire thing apart.  It would be easier to just buy a different one.  I guess that’s how these companies make money.


  1. Would it be possible to peel it the rest of the way off, using a thread or razor blade, then glue it back on?

    Check out this link. You may be able to get help here:


  2. You can also email Bush directly at:


    I’ll be curious to see how you are treated!

  3. Ikea sells quality TV stands. Theirs won’t peel because it’s made of 100% all-natural particleboard.