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Dodger Stadium Pickup of MJ Memorial Tix

As soon as I picked up my car from the repair shop, I drove over to Dodger Stadium to pickup the Michael Jackson memorial tickets for Tuesday. The way they have it setup, you just show your printout and you never have to get out of your car. It’s like a drive-thru ticket pickup. The first booth checks and scans the printout, the second guy gives you your wristbands (and puts one on you), and the last guy gives you your 2 tickets. You’re out of there in about a minute.

Too bad they don’t allow pictures and video at the event. I hope they let me take my phone in there. I’ll post pictures to my photobucket account from the event.


  1. it doesn’t say anything about mobile phones. probably they don’t want people to take professional photos

  2. They only want that the event become peaceful. And give respect to MJ.