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Nissan Cube Sighting

I’ve seen the TV ads for the Nissan Cube but had not seen one in the wild until recently. I saw this one parked in the Ralphs parking lot in downtown.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to the owner about the car because I was in a hurry and had to leave. But if I ever get a chance, I’m going to ask the owner what they think of the car.


The most interesting feature of this car is the right rear window area which has no blind spot at all.

Frankly, I wish Ford had brought their SYNus concept car to market.  I’m sold on that concept car 100%. Not only does it not have a rear window, it also has a metal front windshield cover that comes out of the hood.  See the SYNus video below.


  1. I've seen two or three of these, just since the weekend. (I'm unsure, because I think I may have seen the same car twice.) The funny thing is, I couldn't see the badge clearly, and I thought it was a Scion, not a Nissan. In some ways, it looks like a re-worked xB. I thought maybe "Cube" was a play on "xB". They are cool, but kind of funky/faddish too. I'm still trying to decide if I like it.

    • I'm sure they are going after the Scion xB market.

      I wish Ford would bring this SYNUS into the market but there's no way. It even has a metal cover that comes out to cover the front windshield.

  2. It seems that Ford is trying to create the ultimate sex-wagon:

    "The front seatbacks of the SynUS spin around, allowing the front-seat passenger (or the driver, if the car is not in motion) to carry on a conversation with the back seat passengers without having to twist his or her neck. If no one is riding in the back, the back seatbacks fold down for extra cargo space.

    "The steering wheel stores under the dash in case the driver wants some more legroom while the car is off."

    Yeah, legroom… that's it.

    From http://auto.howstuffworks.com/ford-synus.htm

    • YES! This is why I want one. And don't forget the large screen HDTV that replaces the back inside of the SUV. So instead of looking at reality, you can look at a virtual version of what's behind you. It would be easy for a computer to add some over-head display info on the HDTV in the back.

      If this isn't the replacement for the old 80's sex van, I don't know what is.

      IWMSN = I want my SYNUS now!