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iPhone 4: Why I’m Switching to It

As everyone that knows me already is aware that the main reason for me not getting the iPhone was the lack of a physical keyboard. And this is why I decided to get the Palm Pre last year.

Since the Palm Pre has many features that the iPhone didn’t have, like cut/paste, multi-tasking, sending pictures via MMS, combined multiple email accounts, flash, no-plug recharge, I felt justified in my decision. Not to mention that they are on AT&T, which nobody seems to like.

Over the last year, the iPhone has been steadily upping the ante and correcting and adding many of the missing features.

On June 24th, the new iPhone 4 will be coming out. It adds multi-tasking, a 5MP camera with flash, HD video recording (with LED light) and editing, front facing camera for video chatting, 326 PPI LED backlit screen, and a few other goodies. They already have voice control, visual voice mail, and of course 200,000 apps online.

Virtually every techie friend that I have has an iPhone already. But I’m not one to break down to peer pressure.  However, it’s getting harder and harder to justify NOT getting an iPhone. Now with the new iPhone 4 with it’s new features, I think I’m going to have to break down and drink the Koolaid.

At this point, the only thing even remotely slowing my decision is AT&T. If the iPhone was on Verizon or even Sprint (since that’s who I’m with now), the iPhone 4 decision would be trivial.

When I’m going out on a fun outing, I have to bring my Palm Pre, my Sony digital camera and my JVC camcorder. It’s ridiculous. With this new iPhone, that’s all I would have to bring.

The straw that broke the screen in half was the fact that Bank of America finally came out with their app for the Palm WebOS today. That’s great news, except WebOS still doesn’t have one for eBay, Paypal, Chase, or any of the other big ones that I would actually be using. How much longer do I have to wait? The HP buyout of Palm was also good news, but who cares if I can multi-task and browse websites on my printer?

That’s it. I’m getting it on day one.

Now the only question is… can I actually get one?