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Manager's Favorite - $10.25

Old Spaghetti Factory in Honolulu – Mini Review

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Hollywood used to be one of my favorite places for pasta but they’ve been closed for many years. Since I don’t live close to any of the other ones in California, it’s been years since I’ve been to one.

On my recent trip to Hawaii, one of my first stops was at their Spaghetti Factory. As usual, I ordered the Manager’s Favorite ($10.25) with Meat Sauce and Mizithra cheese. The meal comes with a salad, drink and ice cream for only $10. What a bargain. What I love is the consistency of the meal no matter which one you go to. It’s kind of a noisy restaurant but it’s great for big families with kids, maybe not so great for dates.


  1. I remember being asked to Leave teh Spaghetti Factory on Hollywood Blvd. I was dining with a DJ and 2 girls from the Hofbrau. Discussion was about what fishermen used to do to fish on long boat trips. Jesse screamed "OMG they f..K fish", then the manager asked to finish and leave.

  2. You're welcome!

  3. Is that why you haven't eaten there in ages? Not because it shut down but because someone was 86'd? hmm?