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Prius C Concept

Prius C 2012 Release?

It’s about that time again when I have to start looking for a new car. Last time back in 2004, I was looking at the Prius but because it was so new, there was a long waiting list to get one. Now, the current generation Prius is readily available, but there are new ones ready to come out in the near future.

The word is that a new low end “C” model will be coming out in 2012. This model will be smaller and lower cost than the current model. The concept looks more sporty than the current generation and will compete with the Honda CR-Z.

I’m not sure if I should wait for this model, not knowing for sure if it will even come out in 2012. Waiting for new car models is a lot like waiting to buy the latest smart phone or other high tech gadget, because a new one will be announced as soon as you buy it.



  1. I've gotta say, we love our Prius. This new one looks great, but I'm guessing it won't be as fast as it looks. I wonder if the 2012 model will start selling in September 2011? (We bought our 2006 in September 2005.)

    • I doubt it will be fast but aimed more at the low end younger market so it should be cheaper. Of course, a lot of times, the concept looks very little like the production version.