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Waterfield iPhone Smart Case Review

Last time, I reviewed the STM Stash bag for the iPad. But if you want to bring your phone with you without putting it inside one of the zippered pockets, then your solution to this problem is the Waterfield iPhone Smart Case.

Basically, this case is a padded carrying case for your iPhone or similar sized smart phone. One of the options for this case is the Velcro flap version (shown below) which can be attached to the shoulder strap of your STM Stash bag.

There are 3 different sizes and I purchased the largest version which is for the iPhone 4S with a bumper. It’s a little tight but I managed to fit my Samsung Epic 4G into it. It’s a little hard to pull out but at least it will never fall out.

The inside of the case is supposed to clean the screen as you insert and pull out your phone. It didn’t seem to work very well with my Epic but that might be because it’s designed for the iPhone.

This is the Waterfield promo video for this case:

All in all, the quality is very high with this case and I am very happy with it so far. However, the biggest drawback for this is the very high price of $45. That’s more than the STM bag itself. I wasn’t able to find this case being sold anywhere else for lower. For that matter, I wasn’t able to find another one like it at all. If you find one that you like, please post in the comments or contact me.

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