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Autographer For Lazy Photographers

Don’t you just hate it when you’re on vacation or at a party and you have to manually take pictures? Too bad you can’t afford a photographer to take pictures for you so your lazy ass don’t have to do it.

Now, there is a new small digital camera called Autographer by OMG that you can wear around your neck. The camera will automatically take pictures for you using a 136 degree wide angle lens, a GPS and 5 built in sensors. The 5 sensors are an accelerometer, magnetometer, PIR (motion detector), thermometer, and ambient light sensor and the camera will automatically decide when to take pictures for you. The camera will be out in November, right in time for the Christmas season.

For a lazy guy like me, this is the perfect solution to having to remember to take your smart phone out of your pocket during the party or on vacation. Just wear this camera the whole day then use the Bluetooth connection to your smart phone to upload to Facebook or change your camera settings.