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Morinoya Japanese Restaurant Mini Review – Part 2

In my last review of Morinoya, I promised that I would try this place again. True to my word, this is my quick review my second time around.

This time, I started with their Salmon Oni Chazuke ($7). Normally, Chazuke is rice with hot tea broth, but this one is made with a grilled rice ball immersed in bonito broth with dried seaweed on top. I’ve never had Chazuke made this way before and personally, I don’t like grilled rice balls so it was a bit of a stretch for me. Although I don’t think I would try it again, I did like the mild taste, and even the grilled rice ball which basically just falls apart in the soup.

Although I had already tried their regular Zaru Soba, I decided to try their Bukkake Soba ($8) shown below. Basically the soba is pre-dipped in soba sauce in a bowl, and topped with grind yam and salmon roe. I loved this combination with the great topping and the soba was also good, but the sauce was once again too mild for my taste.

I’m starting to see a pattern here with the mildness of everything. Maybe this is to help people lower their blood pressure by lowering their intake of sodium.

But I digress.

Next, I tried the Yakitori (thigh and wings – $2.25, $2.50) as shown below. They were cooked properly and unlike the other dishes, the sauce used had the right amount of taste to it. However, the Yakitori here does not compare with the ones at Honda Ya.

And finally, the hot green tea is free here. As everybody that reads my blog knows that this is a good indication of authentic Japanese food.

Once again, although everything was adequate, I wasn’t able to find anything that stood out as Morinoya’s signature dish that I could recommend for people to try. I do like the selections of authentic Japanese food with a slight new twist and the service, although a little slow, was also good. All in all, there are yet still a few more dishes I want to try here. More reviews to come.

11301 W. Olympic Blvd. #210
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 473-396