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Kiriko Sushi – Quick Review

On my first outing to Kiriko, you may have noticed that I was underwhelmed. However, I was in the area again and decided to go back to see if anything had changed since 2009.

This trip, I only ordered nigiri sushi, like the Unagi pictured above, and oysters, shown below. As you can see, the presentation is exceptional and everything was fresh and delicious.


Unlike my last trip, my green tea was refilled several times without having to ask. But this may have been because I was seated close to the back area where the waitress had to go to anyway. In any case, as it was in my last trip, the sushi was good, but on the expensive side and I don’t think the service or ambiance warrants the high prices.

Kiriko Sushi
11301 West Olympic Boulevard #102  Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 478-7769