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New Coke Machine

There is a new 24 hour Fat Burger on Santa Monica. In there is this new Coke Machine with a touch screen. Once you pick the main selection, you get a sub-menu with even more selections of the “Fanta” flavors available. It’s amazing how many drink products Coke owns. I tried to check my Facebook page on it but that wasn’t one of the options. You know that’s next.

Once you’ve selected the drink, to dispense the liquid, you press the “Push” button and hold it. I’m not sure if the screen is waterproof but I didn’t see a ton of finger prints on it.

According to Coca Cola, this machine tracks what people are drinking and sends the information over the Internet to Coke headquarters where the bean counters keep track. I assume they use that data to figure out what kind of drinks are popular in what cities across the country. It would be funny if a hacker got in there and skewed the results and make some loser drink seem popular. Or not.