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Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless “Charing” Pad Teased in Help

As you can see below, when you go to the “Help” app on the S4, there is a list of available accessories. Not only is there no way to buy these lovely accessories, because they are not available yet, apparently, they don’t have spell checking over at Samsung.


In frustration, I asked Samsung’s customer support about the availability of the wireless charging pad and they tweeted me this:

We don’t have any info on that charger just yet, but we’ll post when we have news. Please stay tuned! ^M

Update 6/7/2013:
The Samsung website now has the item listed but without a price, and therefore cannot be ordered yet.
Update 6/10/2013:
Now the wireless charging pad ($49.99), as well as the special back cover have prices but when you try to order them, they are backordered.
Update 6/11/2013:
The wireless charging back cover is now available for shipment ($39.99) so if you already have a Qi-charging pad, you are good to go.