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Paparazzi Thwarting Visor Could Be Used For Poker

When Vanessa Stiviano made headlines (see below) wearing a face covering visor to thwart the paparazzi, it was only a matter of time before Hammacher Schlemmer and eBay-ers started to sell similar visors. HS is selling theirs for $50, while the eBay sellers are much cheaper at below $20.

V. Stiviano Stops By Her House With Her Attorney

Recently, Phil “Unibomber” Laak has been wearing skiing goggles while playing poker (see below) instead of trademarked hoodies. When I saw this, that’s when I got the idea of using the Stiviano visor at a poker table. It would not only hide your eyes, it covers your entire face from the laser eyes of Phil Ivy and other professionals.

phil laak goggles

If you start seeing Stiviano visors at the poker table, remember it was my idea first. Dibs.