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BackHouse West LA Review

Once again, it was time to look for a restaurant that I haven’t been to before. After doing a couple of searches, I cam across the BackHouse in West LA, not too far from my usual Japanese Sawtelle area on Pico. We happen to find parking right in front of the restaurant so I don’t know where you’re supposed to normally park.

In the mood to eat, we first got the Salmon Truffle Carpaccio for $11 (see below). It looks fantastic and the salmon was good but the sauce was too flavorless for my taste. To be honest, I’ve never had this before so I’m not comparing it to any other restaurant. I just didn’t care for the sauce.

back house salmon carpaccio

Next up, Blue Crab Hand Roll ($7 x 2) which was prepared properly except the nori was not crispy like it is at Sugarfish or KazuNori, but then it would be hard to beat their handrolls.

back house blue crab

So now, it was time for one of those monster sized roles, so we tried the Baked Lobster Tuna Roll ($18). Although it’s a little pricey, you do get a lot of pieces for the price. Unfortunately, this too was on the flavorless side, but most people probably soak it in soy-sauce and don’t realize that.

back house lobster

For the real test, I got a couple of Salmon Nigiri ($5) and Albacore nigiri ($6) sushi. Both were fresh and prepared properly and I don’t have any complaints about it.

back house nigiri

All in all, the restaurant has a giant bar that would be a great place for couples to get a drink and a little sushi, but I cannot recommend this place for anybody looking for great authentic sushi.

10915 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Sun-Thu: 4pm – 12am (Midnight)
Fri-Sat: 4pm – 2am