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Waylens Kickstarter Funds GoPro For Cars

Do you have a GoPro mounted in your car but wish it could be smarter and record the really cool moments automatically for you? What’s what the Waylens “Data Driven Automotive Camera” will do for you for $299 ($200 less MSRP from Kickstarter). It comes with a high resolution dash-cam that they claim is better than GoPro, a OBD-II port bluetooth connector, steering wheel remote, mount and charging cable. The new Corvettes have something similar as an option but for people who don’t happen to have a Corvette, this will do the same thing for your Honda or Toyota.


  1. Not only can I see this device actually causing more accidents from distracted driving, I can also see it causing more accidents from people trying to do stunts to post on YouTube. We’ll also be seeing more accident footage on the news, as peoples’ fiery demises are captured on camera. It’s a cool device, but it’s definitely going to appeal to a lot of Darwin Award contenders!

    • I want to see a video from this device where the driver is also texting at the same time! I bet when you open the box for it, there’s going to be a big disclaimer pop-up that won’t let you use the device until you e-sign something on their website. Hehe