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Lime-S Scooter Vs. Bird Scooter. Fight!

It didn’t take very long for a competitor to challenge the Bird Scooter. Lime-S has entered the ring and is ready for a fight. Lime-S is operated by Lime Bike, which rents out bicycles to commuters.

Lime-S’s service works almost exactly the same as Bird’s, including the app. One thing I like with Lime is the bright color of the scooter. It’s a lot easier to see the scooter from far away than the black Birds.  The price is the same ($1 + 15 cents per minute) and the scooter looks and operates the same.

One of the differences in the app is the Lime-S app tells the user how many miles the scooter can go, instead of the percent of battery left. This is actually more useful because the percent doesn’t really help the rider figure out if there’s enough power to get to his destination.

For now, there isn’t a price war so both scooter companies can co-exist. But there might be too many scooters for the number of available riders. If so, the market may dictate who stays and who goes.