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Secret Redbox Rental For “Last Jedi”

Redbox originally listed “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” to be released on March 27, 2018. However, for some reason, not only did it not show up, when you do a search for the title, it doesn’t even show up. The rumor is, Disney is still not happy about Redbox selling the digital download codes and is punishing them by pushing back the release date to April 24 (same at Netflix).

The good news is, the actual link still works if you go directly to this URL:


You will be taken to the page shown below, where you can rent either DVD or Blu-Ray versions of the movie.

That’s the good news. Now, for the bad news. It appears that the title is only available in a few kiosks, and so you may have to drive a little to get it. Of course, the digital download is not available either.

If you want to see this title via Redbox, you’d better get on it because there’s no telling how long this will last.

Update March 30, 2018:
As of today, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is listed on Redbox. However, they still seem to be short on their stock.

Update May 30, 2018:
Although not listed on their full list of “digital codes at the box,” if  you go directly to the “Last Jedi” page, there is a “Buy at the Box” button. When you click on it, there is an option to buy the digital code for $14.99. However, if you check Amazon or iTunes, you will find that they have lowered their price from $20 to $15 to match the Redbox pricing.