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Sensibo Sky Smart AC Control Review

This is one of the hottest summers in recorded history for Los Angeles. For about 3 years, I used a product called Tado to control my dumb AC. However, in 2017, Tado decided to not support “dumb” ACs anymore. The good news is, I found Sensibo Sky almost exactly at the same time and it does everything Tado did.  You can get it at Amazon for $119.  Watch the Sensibo promo video below to see how it works:

It’s super easy to setup and you can set it so that when you leave your house, the AC will turn off automatically. You can manually turn the AC on and off using their app. The best feature for me is, you can schedule a time for the AC to turn on automatically. I use it to turn on the air about 1.5 hours before I get home from work.  That give the AC enough time to cool off my room before I get home.

Sensibo now works with Amazon Echo and Google Home so you can talk to your air conditioner and feel like you are in the future.

I got the Sensibo right after the summer last year so I didn’t get to use it much last year. However, I’ve been using it everyday this summer and enjoying the savings and the coolness. If you have a “dumb” AC like I do, I highly recommend it.

Update 4/10/2019:
Apparently, I have an older version of the firmware so when I got a new WiFi, I had to do the long version of the manual setup as explained here:


It’s not user friendly but it does work and it will make you feel like a hacker.