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Sushi Enya in Little Tokyo Review

In my constant search for good sushi, I decided to try out a tiny sushi place in Little Tokyo on 1st Street called Sushi Enya. Your expectations are automatically forced to be high when the word “sushi” is in the ...

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Oops! Sushi Quick Review

The name of this place reminds me of another sushi place called B.A.D. Sushi. Yes, it’s actually called “Oops! Sushi,” like they did something wrong. Notice the exclamation mark after the “Oops,” just like Yahoo! It’s located in a strip ...

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Kagura Tokyo Cuisine Quick Review

This location has changed owners and names so many times, I can’t even remember the last name it had, but at one point, it was called Joy Mart. Now, under the name Kagura, the menu has once again changed to ...

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Toshi Sushi Little Tokyo Review

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a new place in Little Tokyo for sushi so I decided to try Toshi on 1st Street in the heart of Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. There’s some street parking but ...

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Honda Ya Izakaya Re-Review

In my very first review of Honda Ya right after it opened, I complained about several items, which have all been corrected since then. Previously, I reviewed their Miso Ramen, their Sushi, and the Yakitori. One thing that I glossed ...

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Blockheads Shavery Review

When I first heard about this place, I just thought it was a regular shaved ice place. Wrong! This place has what is called “Snow Cream.” What they do is create a big block of the flavor, then shave that ...

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Tsurumaru Udon Honpo Review

In my last quick review, I never mentioned that the Udon is actually made fresh here. I don’t mean they just cook it in front of you, I mean they make the actual Udon here. In case you don’t believe ...

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FuRaiBo (West LA) Quick Review

Even though I’ve come been here several times for many years, I’ve never reviewed this place on my blog because they don’t serve ramen, soba, udon, or sushi. However, they do serve yakitori (see picture – $3.80), so I decided ...

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