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Takao Sushi Restaurant Quick Review

After realizing that I’ve been going to the same restaurants, I decided to try Takao a few doors down from SugarFish in Brentwood. Takao is not in the same strip mall so the parking is in the back of the ...

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Yakitoria Restaurant Review

Although they do have other types of Japanese cuisine, Yakitoria specializes in Yakitori, as the name implies. In case you are not familiar, Yakitori is a Japanese method grilling chicken pieces on a skewer. The term “yaki” means to grill, ...

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Tsujita Artisan Noodle Quick Review – Part 2

On my last quick trip to Tsujita, I had the sashimi. Interestingly, as soon as I entered the restaurant, the waitress told me that they only serve noodles during the day. Considering the name of this restaurant, I’m sure just ...

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Ebisu Japanese Tavern Quick Review

For some reason, even though this place is almost next to my favorite Shabu Shahbu place, I’ve never tried it until recently. It’s also near Halu Ulala, which is also in the same building. One problem about all 3 of ...

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Haru Ulala Izakaya Review

Although I’ve been here before, I’ve forgotten to write about it. Haru Ulala is owned by the same owner as Sushi Go 55 and is located in the same building as Shabu Shabu Yo. The problem with this building is ...

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New Coke Machine

There is a new 24 hour Fat Burger on Santa Monica. In there is this new Coke Machine with a touch screen. Once you pick the main selection, you get a sub-menu with even more selections of the “Fanta” flavors ...

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Kiriko Sushi – Quick Review

On my first outing to Kiriko, you may have noticed that I was underwhelmed. However, I was in the area again and decided to go back to see if anything had changed since 2009. This trip, I only ordered nigiri ...

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Tsujita Artisan Noodle Quick Review

After getting tired of going to the same restaurants, I decided to checkout another new place on Sawtelle in the West J-Town area. Since the name is Tsujita Artisan Noodle, you’d expect me to order noodles but the best ones ...

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Gottsui Sawtelle Mini Review

In the same strip mall as the Blue Marlin (now closed) and Hurry Curry, there is another Japanese Okonomiyaki restaurant called Gottsui. Compared to some of the other places, this place is relatively new and has only been open for ...

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