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Sprint Customer Service Fail

One of the great features of the Palm Pre on Sprint is the turn-by-turn navigation app. The 3D graphics is done pretty well and it’s just as good as any stand-alone navigation device. In case you’ve never seen it in ...

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Southwest Not Firefox Friendly

Recently, I was trying to make reservations on Southwest Airlines’ website using Firefox. For the life of me, I was not able to make it work. Yes, I’m using the current version of Firefox. Maybe that’s the problem. All I ...

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Oreck XL Air Purifier review

Have you seen the Oreck ProShield™ Plus Air Purifier with Helios Shield™ infomercial on TV? I did too. And since I’m a victim of advertising, I decided to order it and try it out. The unit is approximate the size ...

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Palm Pre Bus Ad

According to Gartner, at the end of 2009, Palm WebOS still has only 0.7% of the global smartphone market. In the same 1 year period, iPhone went from 8.2% to 14.4%, Google Android from 0.5% to 3.9% and RIM went ...

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Mobigamedepot.com Opens

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a reduction of posts here. The reason for this has been that I’ve been working on Palm WebOS games and a corresponding website mobigamedepot.com. This new website will be the portal for ...

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Splashscreen WordPress Plugin Version 0.30

Since the last release of my WordPress plugin Splashscreen version 0.20, there’s been many requests for new features. You may also want to read the original post for version 0.10 for completeness.  One of the most requested feature was to ...

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