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Albacore sushi - $3.22, Salmon sushi - $3.25, Hamachi sushi - $3.98

Zencu Sushi & Grill Review

Zencu is a little hard to find and you’d probably never find this place by accident.  It’s located on the second floor of the building attached to the Japanese Village Plaza called Little Tokyo Mall. The parking is off of San Pedro so turn left on 2nd Street onto San Pedro. Then take the elevator to the second floor.

Zencu has a nice atmosphere with booths and a large sushi bar. There are plasma screens all over the place but that’s the not reason why people come here.  It’s the price of the sushi. So I ordered Albacore sushi ($3.22), Salmon sushi ($3.25), and Hamachi sushi ($3.98). Although not authentic Japanese and somewhat smaller portions, everything was fresh and tasty.

They do charge you 95 cents for hot green tea but you can’t complain when the sushi prices are so low.  It’s not the best sushi in LA, but it’s the best sushi for the price.  It’s fresh and prepared very nicely.

On this trip, I also had the Beef yaki soba for $8.95. It’s okay but stick with the sushi here.  They also have pasta, shrimp, and a bunch of other dishes to entice you.  A friend of mine comes here for the Kirin draft beer for only $1.50.  Cheap beer and sushi. What more do you want?

Zencu Sushi & Grill
319 E. 2nd. Street #206
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 687-7780