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Try Going Green For Real

It was time for my regular dental checkup the other day.  As I waited in the dental waiting room, I noticed the May issue of Vanity Fair on the wall.

Why, it was the “green” issue.  In fact, their 3rd annual green issue.  I’ve been noticing how every body and his mother’s media outlet has gone “green.”  Even tech magazines have “green” issues where they talk about recycling cell phones and CRT monitors properly.

What’s ridiculous to me is how all it takes for a magazine to go “green” is to publish a few articles and make the cover green colored.

If they really wanted to go green, they should stop publishing their magazines on paper.  Some of these magazines with a large subscription base could probably save a small forest in the Amazons by publishing online only.  But of course, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Going green is cool as long as it doesn’t cost them money.  And since people still buy paper versions of the magazines, it makes these companies money.  If and when Amazon.com’s Kindle could provide e-magazines, it might actually save the Amazon forest.  Nice.

While I was getting my teeth cleaned, my hygienist told me that she had found vacation packages for her family on expedia.com and that it was cheaper than other online services.  The days of using travel agents are apparently over.  Good riddance.