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PS3 Downloads Not Compatible with Media Server

For Christmas, my friends gave me a bunch of PS3 games.  Nice.  One of the first things Bioshock does, is to try to download a newer version of the game to the hard drive.  However, everytime I tried to do this, it would fail.  My WiFi Internet connection was fine and I am able to use the browser to look at website.  Hmmm.

Upon checking the Playstation website, one of the recommendations they have is to disable the media server connection. To do so, just go to “Settings,” “Network Settings,” “Media Server Connection,” and select “disable.”

After making this small change, the download worked perfectly.  I guess I can’t have both going at the same time.  If I was an Internet wizard, I’d be able to figure out why this is the case.  But since I’m not, I’ll just turn this feature on and off as needed.