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Free PS3 Games

PSN Welcome Back?

After weeks of Playstation Network being down because of hackers stealing private information, Sony has turned the network back on and is offering free PS3 games as a way to say “sorry dudes.”

Unfortunately for me, I already have inFAMOUS and LittleBigPlanet, and the other games don’t seem that interesting to me. In fact, I didn’t really even like LBP.  And inFAMOUS was great but inFAMOUS 2 is coming out so it’s basically a dead version.

I decided to pick WipEout and Dead Nation. Both were very forgettable and I can see why they are free. I would never pay for either. WipEout is a futuristic racing game on rails (read boring), and Dead Nation is a birds-eye-view zombie shoot-em-up game that was a little more interesting but not even as fun as Angry Birds on my phone.

Yeah. I’m not feeling the love here.  Hey, Sony. How about 2 free movie rentals and let us choose the movie we want to see.  That would give me a little more warm and fuzzy.