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Conquest Vehicle Knight XV SUV

Are you worried that somebody might shoot you from road rage? Or do you drive through some shady hoods where drive-by shootings are common? If you’ve ever worried that you may not be safe in your SUV, the Knight XV from a Canadian company called Conquest Vehicles may have the SUV for you.

This 6 ton monster SUV sports a V-10 that can run on bio-fuel (or regular gas) and is not only bullet proof (body, windows and even tires), but is under vehicle grenade proof and even has a detector for magnetically attached bombs under the SUV. Yes, the SUV will alert you if somebody attaches a bomb under the vehicle. WTF? There are 2 night vision capable cameras in front, and 2 in the back. Some options include a hidden security safe, real black box (like in airplanes), and yes, an entertainment system.

If you have to ask how much something like this costs, you probably can’t afford it. With a $25k down pain-ment, you can get your custom Knight XV started before you have to pay the base sticker price of $490k. Each one is custom built and can take from 3 to 8 months to complete. You can visit your vehicle being built in Canada, or they can email you pictures. For that price, they should have a live person come to your house with a video.

The Knight XV: Perfect for the upcoming drug lord, Hip-Hop mega baller rain-man, or Middle Eastern royal families. Or just a super rich paranoid guy.