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Gmail Offers Wallet

Recently, Google decided to include a way for Gmail users to send and receive money via Google Wallet. If you already use Gmail for your emails, this is indeed easier to use than Paypal because it’s imbedded inside Gmail. Instead of opening another tab in your browser and logging into Paypal, you simply “attach” money just like a picture. Interesting how they use that term instead of “send” money.


As you may have read previously, there are very few places that accept Google Wallet so this feature is a great addition for Google to add to try to get more people to use it. You can see how it works in their video below.

Receiving money is free, and sending using your connected credit card is 2.9% per transaction (minimum $0.30). So it is convenient but costs more than Paypal which is free if you just want to send money to a friend. Also, the person you are sending the money to does not have to have a Gmail account.

I haven’t actually used it yet but perhaps I will have a real-world opportunity in the near future.


  1. Hey, can someone send a penny to dcacklam a gmail, so I can try this?