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Bracketron’s Grip-It Car Vent Mount Review

Recently, I was driving minding my own business and got a call on my cell phone. I picked up my phone and started talking, only to see a CHP officer motioning me to pull over. The good news is, talking on your phone is not a moving violation. But the bad news is, it’s a $171 hit on your bank account.

But I digress.

Although my Toyota Prius c has a bluetooth connection to the hands-free setup, it would be nice if I could see my Samsung Galaxy S4 screen without having to look down at it. This would especially be good when I’m using one of the traffic apps like Waze and also to prevent getting another ticket.

Upon visiting my local Best Buy, I found the Bracketron Grip-It on sale for only $10. To install it, you have to put the grip on the vent as shown below. It’s built to fit just about any vent in any orientation and it did fit on my Prius.

gripit mount

On the lower right, there is a button that you press to spread the holder wider. Each time you press it, the wider the grip will open. If your phone is very wide, you might have to press it a few times. For the S4, one or two times is all that’s needed.

gripit button

Also notice the bottom area of the grip, below where the button is located. There are two rotating foot rests that will allow the phone to sit on. Make sure to rotate them outward so that when you are “gripping” the phone, you can rest the phone on them. This makes gripping a one handed procedure instead of requiring both hands.

gripit usage

As you can see above, the setup is great for looking at maps on your phone, even if you have a navigation system in your car. You can never have too many screens to look at.