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Tesla Fast Battery Pack Swap Event

Tesla recently had an event where they showed off their 90 second automated battery pack swap system. Using the service will cost the owner extra, but they also will have free “Superchargers” that will give the car 50% charge in ...

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Volvo Autonomous Parking Concept Car

Volvo recently announced their autonomous parking concept car, which is their first step to their autonomous driving car they plan on having by 2020. Ford already has their parking assist cars in production, but this takes it one step further ...

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Lexus LFA in the Wild? [Updated]

Since I’ve never seen the Lexus LFA in real life before, I cannot be sure that’s what I saw on the freeway. Apparently, they started production in 2010 and stopped production in 2012 with about 500 on the road. The ...

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Toyota Care Review

Since my purchase of the Toyota Prius c, I’ve not had a chance to use my Toyota Care complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance. Until yesterday. While driving on the freeway, I suddenly notice a power loss as the car quickly ...

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Tesla Model S To Be Released in June

Tesla Motors is slated to release their Model S electric car sedan on June 22, 2012, earlier than originally announced.  The Model S is Tesla’s second electric car and will cost $50,000 to $100,00 depending on selected options (battery size) ...

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Toyota Prius c: Interior

Last time, I gave me first impressions of the Prius c. This time, more on the interior and usage of this new Hybrid vehicle. The picture below shows a  closeup of the seat. I don’t really like the light color ...

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